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Reduction in Posting


It has been noted that the posts of this blog have decreased to bi-weekly and readers have been asking why.

I would prefer to write a weekly post, but the increased influx of requests coming into my office to be dealt with, plus Old Vampires now expect their requests to be dealt with more promptly now the telephone is commonplace in our lives, means that my workload is greater.

Sometimes I get requests from New Vampires. These requests are generated because they are not getting satisfaction from their representative. It expands my sphere of influence to answer them as best as I can.

If an Old Vampire was not getting satisfaction from one of my answers (this does happen from time to time) they would appeal to The Ruler’s Men, who would investigate.

Such investigations are always time consuming. Sometimes the result is that I am cleared, other times I am found to be at fault and corrective action is taken.

I am expected to have enough time to do my job as Old Vampire Representative on The Committee.

If I do not have time, then I have to take it up with The Ruler’s Men and account for every second of my night.

Thankfully The Ruler did not specify how often I was to write this blog, so I write it around my other duties.

I hope my work will consume less of my time and I will be able to write more.

Maybe soon that the party season is nearly over as the nights are waning with the day’s increase, I will then be able to write more.

I remind the reader of this blog that parties are work for Old Vampires.

Few of the questions I am asked, especially as the night grows old, are pertinent. Of the ones that are pertinent, the querent needs to ask but would not dare to write a letter.


Bonded Wedding Old Vampire marriage for political reasons

Common Status the point at where an Old Vampire becomes a real Vampire

Debutante Vampires before Dracula came out, vampires who had been newly turned vampire were taught the rules of society. They then “came out” when they were deemed presentable to vampire society as debutantes. They are the only Old Vampires who have a zero level of Status and are acceptable.

The Committee see The Committee to Regulate Non-Human Activity

The Committee to Regulate Non-Human Activity a committee that meets monthly and talks about affairs to do with werewolves, vampires and humans

Fence an Old Vampire fight in which they fight to the first blood using fencing

The Hunters see Vampire Hunters

Negatives Old Vampires with zero or negative points of Status.

New Vampires vampires who do not want to be Old Vampires, often live as Goths and hold down jobs. This started after Dracula came out.

Notice the Status Keeper serves a Notice on an Old Vampire whose Status has reduced to zero that they are in danger of becoming a Negative

Obligation when one vampire is under an obligation from another s/he has to do as they say

Old Vampires vampires who are polite society. Either turned vampire before Dracula came out or were turned after by an Old Vampire and decided to join the Old Vampires.

Parent the vampire who brought you up (if you are an Old Vampire) in polite society

The Ruler’s Men people employed by The Ruler to do anything she or he asks

Shun a vampire who has committed a sex crime is shunned on their release

Sire the vampire who made you a vampire

Status a ranking system which denotes whether you are an acceptable member of Old Vampire society, which is if you have plus points of status. See Negatives and Thousands

Status Keeper the Old Vampire in charge of the Status points

Thousands Old Vampires whose Status is over a hundred points

Vampire Hunters New vampires who hunt down those vampires who have committed crimes

Vampire Servants servants who are vampires themselves. Mostly Old Vampires, one of their functions is to repeat information and gossip to the Old Vampires they serve

Walk into the sun a euphemism for suicide


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