Update on The Hunters


Last week The Hunters smashed their way through five castles, leaving nothing behind but debris.

The few Servants who survived said they heard screaming.  When I investigated I found nothing but ash among the shattered rooms.

The few who survived reported that they are glorying in destruction and despair, drinking it in like blood.

This must be the only reason they are now targeting Vampire Servants, as they are valuable to us.  Until now they had spared them.

I thought The Hunters had been quiet for too long and warned my allies.

They took precautions and escaped, thinking their servants would follow on after them.

It is nice to know that I am still listened to, despite my fall in Status, lack of a castle and having to work for a living.  I just hope I can predict other attacks.

This attack means that six of my allies are in another country and four of my enemies are dead.

I did not give warning to three out of five castles The Hunters went to because they were not my allies.

After an ally of mine called Samuel survived an attack on his castle he left Britain to find information on The Hunters.

Samuel has finished searching in the Continent and gone on to other countries.  I am not expecting to hear from Samuel for at least a few decades.

It is easy to find information on the Continent, as we Old Vampires usually move into the next country when we are forced out of our castles, so most of us have allies in various countries in Europe.

For the first time in my life I am powerless.  I have money, I have information, I have allies but I cannot stop The Hunters or regularly predict when they will next raid us.  All I can do is pick up the pieces.


Bonded Wedding Old Vampire marriage for political reasons

Common Status the point at where an Old Vampire becomes a real Vampire

Debutante Vampires before Dracula came out, vampires who had been newly turned vampire were taught the rules of society.  They then “came out” when they were deemed presentable to vampire society as debutantes.  They are the only Old Vampires who have a zero level of Status and are acceptable.

The Committee see The Committee to Regulate Non-Human Activity

The Committee to Regulate Non-Human Activity a committee that meets monthly and talks about affairs to do with werewolves, vampires and humans

Fence an Old Vampire fight in which they fight to the first blood using fencing

The Hunters see Vampire Hunters

Negatives Old Vampires with zero or negative points of Status.

New Vampires vampires who do not want to be Old Vampires, often live as Goths and hold down jobs.  This started after Dracula came out.

Notice the Status Keeper serves a Notice on an Old Vampire whose Status has reduced to zero that they are in danger of becoming a Negative

Obligation when one vampire is under an obligation from another s/he has to do as they say

Old Vampires vampires who are polite society.  Either turned vampire before Dracula came out or were turned after by an Old Vampire and decided to join the Old Vampires.

Parent the vampire who brought you up (if you are an Old Vampire) in polite society

The Ruler’s Men people employed by The Ruler to do anything she or he asks

Shun a vampire who has committed a sex crime is shunned on their release

Sire the vampire who made you a vampire

Status a ranking system which denotes whether you are an acceptable member of Old Vampire society, which is if you have plus points of status.  See Negatives and Thousands

Status Keeper the Old Vampire in charge of the Status points

Thousands Old Vampires whose Status is over a hundred points

Vampire Hunters New vampires who hunt down those vampires who have committed crimes

Vampire Servants servants who are vampires themselves.  Mostly Old Vampires, one of their functions is to repeat information and gossip to the Old Vampires they serve


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    You’ve Been Nominated
    Hi. I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award. Among other things, you are supposed to nominate 15 other blogs when you accept (kind of like chain letter/pyramid type advertising) but I’m only nominating six. Anyway, it only serves to help promote your blog. For more info, check out the appropriate post at my site on A Toast To Dragons: http://www.atoasttodragons.com .

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