The Servant and I


Only my servant Jane kept me doing my homework for the fence, otherwise I would never have done it.

I have found that she takes liberties that I would not have permitted if I still had my castle.

I permit these liberties because every time Jane does so she has been correct in what she does.

When I had a castle, reminding me about my homework would have been a task under the remit of my butler.  He would have gently reminded me with a clearing of the throat and some timid words.

Not Jane.  She walks in, feather duster in hand and asks me when I’m going to be studying fencing techniques and says I have only one and a half weeks to the fence.

It was quite a shock.  I opened my mouth to reprimand her as only I can do and then stopped as I realised she was quite right in what she was doing.

My butler would never have done this, but I am not mistress of a castle with many servants and what worked when I had my castle will not work in a semi-detached house in Portsmouth.

We cannot keep to ways that we used to have when they are out-of-date and no longer needed.  We Old Vampires have to move with the times.

So I am re-writing relationships between servant and employer.  The Ruler’s Men found out about this when they questioned us about the fence, but The Ruler or his Men have not said anything about our relationship.

Word has got out and the people who come to my house to see for themselves are shocked at Jane’s outspokenness; I simply remind them that I no longer have anyone to guide me and Jane fulfils that function.

I do seem to have a lot of people visiting me at the moment.  I feel that I am back in the centre of things; it may not last for long, but I am enjoying it while I can.


Bonded Wedding Old Vampire marriage for political reasons

Common Status the point at where an Old Vampire becomes a real Vampire

Debutante Vampires before Dracula came out, vampires who had been newly turned vampire were taught the rules of society.  They then “came out” when they were deemed presentable to vampire society as debutantes.  They are the only Old Vampires who have a zero level of Status and are acceptable.

The Committee see The Committee to Regulate Non-Human Activity

The Committee to Regulate Non-Human Activity a committee that meets monthly and talks about affairs to do with werewolves, vampires and humans

Fence an Old Vampire fight in which they fight to the first blood using fencing

The Hunters see Vampire Hunters

Negatives Old Vampires with zero or negative points of Status.

New Vampires vampires who do not want to be Old Vampires, often live as Goths and hold down jobs.  This started after Dracula came out.

Notice the Status Keeper serves a Notice on an Old Vampire whose Status has reduced to zero that they are in danger of becoming a Negative

Obligation when one vampire is under an obligation from another s/he has to do as they say

Old Vampires vampires who are polite society.  Either turned vampire before Dracula came out or were turned after by an Old Vampire and decided to join the Old Vampires.

Parent the vampire who brought you up (if you are an Old Vampire) in polite society

The Ruler’s Men people employed by The Ruler to do anything she or he asks

Shun a vampire who has committed a sex crime is shunned on their release

Sire the vampire who made you a vampire

Status a ranking system which denotes whether you are an acceptable member of Old Vampire society, which is if you have plus points of status.  See Negatives and Thousands

Status Keeper the Old Vampire in charge of the Status points

Thousands Old Vampires whose Status is over a hundred points

Vampire Hunters New vampires who hunt down those vampires who have committed crimes

Vampire Servants servants who are vampires themselves.  Mostly Old Vampires, one of their functions is to repeat information and gossip to the Old Vampires they serve


2 Responses to “The Servant and I”

  1. 10/08/2012 at 4:59 pm

    Great blog. Love your vampire community!

    I also had to put a disclaimer on my blog as well but I’m thinking of taking it off (if they can’t figure it out then…)

    • 13/08/2012 at 7:14 pm

      Thanks. When I first put the disclaimer on friends asked why. It was partly because of an incident I read about where someone’s children wrote to a publisher asking why they were witholding Dracula’s address from their Mum. Also I was reading the intro to a book about elven fiction where the author was having trouble with people thinking that her fiction is real.

      I don’t want to handle that stuff and it’s one thing to act out elven fiction, but a whole different ball game to act out vampire fiction, especially when the vampire in question isn’t one of the nice ones.

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