Dealing with The Hunters


You may have inferred from the last post I wrote that I have some sort of working relationship with The Hunters.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

They send me notifications of when they will be picking a prisoner up from my prison and notifications of any people who they have released from their tender loving care who have committed sex crimes.

In the past, I have replied to their notifications, hoping they would let some information slip, but not once did I receive an answer.

I contacted them again when they took Simon and Eloise, in the vain hope that something would happen.  As usual, they did not reply.

You do not realise just how infuriating not having a working relationship with someone who you are working with is, until it happens to you.

Especially if their attitude is that if they want me to jump I should ask how high.  Their tone of communications is overbearing, rude and insulting at best.  I don’t want to think about their worst.

I’m an Old Vampire who has lived for many centuries, not some bedraggled New Vampire who has washed up on the beach newly undead and floundering.

It is difficult enough for me to sustain Status in Old Vampire society because I work, but to have it rubbed in my face by The Hunters adds insult to injury.

Unfortunately I cannot refuse to deal with The Hunters.  We need to know when they have finished with sex criminals, so we can properly shun them from our society.

Otherwise, I’d tell them to go find a stake.  If we could kill them without retribution, the vast majority of The Hunters would now be dead.  But in order to kill them, we have to find them first.


Debutante Vampires before Dracula came out, vampires who had been newly turned vampire were taught the rules of society.  They then “came out” when they were deemed presentable to vampire society as debutantes.

The Committee see The Committee to Regulate Non-Human Activity

The Committee to Regulate Non-Human Activity a committee that meets monthly and talks about affairs to do with werewolves, vampires and humans

The Hunters see Vampire Hunters

New Vampires vampires who do not want to be Old Vampires, often live as Goths and hold down jobs.  This started after Dracula came out.

Obligation when one vampire is under an obligation from another s/he has to do as they say

Old Vampires vampires who are polite society.  Either turned vampire before Dracula came out or were turned after by an Old Vampire and decided to join the Old Vampires.

Parent the vampire who brought you up (if you are an Old Vampire) in polite society

Shun a vampire who has committed a sex crime is shunned on their release

Sire the vampire who made you a vampire

Vampire Hunters New vampires who hunt down those vampires who have committed crimes

Vampire Servants servants who are vampires themselves.  Mostly Old Vampires, one of their functions is to repeat information and gossip to the Old Vampires they serve


2 Responses to “Dealing with The Hunters”

  1. 01/06/2011 at 3:36 am

    I love this! I haven’t been back on here for a while and don’t know if this is part of a whole that you’re doing or if you just post scenarios you imagine. I’ll learn more as I get back here more, I hope. But I really like the authentic feel to it. I liked being thrown right into this place with the assumption it is all real. The idea of hunters taking prisoners, specifically sex offenders, is definitely plausible and opens up a huge world of possibilities.

    Fun. Much to think about.

    • 01/06/2011 at 6:20 pm

      It is part of an ongoing storyline. There should be more under the “Vampire Hunters” category, and I plan to add more in the future. But since this blog is written in real-time, often nothing will happen for a while.

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