I really don’t see the point of having relationships between vampires. It’s infuriating that we conform to a pattern set to mimic humans.

Vampires used to get married to blend in with the humans. Now we do it because we’ve always done it.
Sometimes I think we’ve worked so hard at blending in and pretending to be human that we’re part human.

We ape humans so successfully some are getting squeamish about drinking blood and will only drink from convicts.

We know how they think as all hunters have to understand prey. We know how they live and we have to live according to the human rules otherwise we will find ourselves on the receiving end of a mob with stakes.

My unfortunate position working with humans means that I know more about humans than the average Old Vampire.

Humans have been murdering someone they do not know in cold blood or torturing them to death for centuries. These acts are very vampiric things to do.

Relationships are dying out among vampires; New Vampires don’t see the point of them at all and the Old Vampires whose spouse/partner has died no longer bother to replace them.

We have friends and attachments, but what a vampire cannot do is love. I hear some humans have the same problem, and counterfeit relationships like vampires.

I think they’re called sociopaths, but I have more than enough to do with humans without learning psychology.

A New Vampire remembers what it means to be human. Once a vampire has lived for a hundred years she or he starts forgetting what it means to be human and only then starts becoming an Old Vampire, which is why Old Vampires are the only real vampires around.


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